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Why Earn and Learn Model ?

Hands-on learning

The Earn and Learn model provides learners with practical experience alongside their studies, enhancing their skills and making them more job-ready.

Financial Independence

By earning a salary or stipend while studying, students become financially independent, reducing their reliance on loans and family support.

Industry Relevance

The model aligns education with industry demands, ensuring students acquire skills that are highly sought after by employers.

Boosts Employability

The combination of learning and earning prepares individuals for the workforce, increasing their chances of securing better job prospects after graduation.

Who Can Choose Earn and Learn Model ?

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Get Admission in 4 Easy Steps


This is the initial step where candidates express their interest in seeking admission to your institution or program. They provide their personal and contact information, academic background, and other relevant details through an application form or an online portal.

Register Fee :- Rs 500/-

Interview Preparation

After candidates have registered, they may be provided with resources or guidance to prepare for the interview. This could include study materials, sample questions, or information about the interview format.


This is a critical step in the admission process. Candidates may have a face-to-face or virtual interview with admission officers or faculty members. The interview allows the institution to assess the candidate's communication skills, motivation, personality, and alignment with the program's goals.


Based on the candidate's performance in the interview and other factors like academic record and application materials, the institution makes a decision on whether to admit the candidate.

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Hotel Management



Course Duration

3 Month




Course Duration

After 10th - 3 Year

After 12th - 1 Year


Advance Diploma


Course Duration

After 10th - 4 Year

After 12th - 2 Year


Bachelor's Degree


Course Duration

After 10th - 5 Year

After 12th - 3 Year


Master's Degree


Course Duration

After 10th - 7 Year

After 12th - 5 Year


Success Stories

With heartfelt thanks, they share their joy and appreciation for the guidance, mentorship, and real-world skills they gained through our programs. As they flourish in their new roles and contribute significantly to the hospitality landscape, their stories stand as a testament to the power of Focalyt's education and guidance.

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